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Patty Bernabe, C-PT

Patty joined Corona-Temecula Orthopaedic Physical Therapy and Wellness Center in 2006 as a certified personal trainer. She is certified in pre and post natal fitness and strengthening, yoga and Pilate’s instruction, along with spinning/cycling training. She is certified by the Arthritis foundation in “Exercise for arthritis” and “Tai Chi for Arthritis” programs. Patty is a member of the National Institute of Personal Training and is recognized as a certified Health and Fitness Specialist.

At Corona-Temecula Orthopaedic Physical Therapy and Wellness Center we offer personalized programs to fit your specific fitness goals. Whether you choose weight loss, muscle gain, strength or performance improvements, increased energy or all of the above, our professional team will help you to achieve successful results quickly. Our full service Private Studio offers:



A strong core and back significantly improves a person’s balance, posture and stability and also makes it easier to perform any kind of physical activity. Strong core muscles support the spine and can effectively reduce back and improve function. At Corona-Temecula Orthopaedic Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, we offer personalized training programs to help strengthen your back and core through helpful, supervised exercises focusing on improving deep and superficial abdominal and back muscles.

Flexibility and Balance

Flexibility and balance help keep the whole body younger and healthier by promoting stable, long muscles that can easily support the rest of the body. This will reduce joint compression, improve mobility with activities, no matter the degree of difficulty, and reduce the risk of falls, sprains, or strains from activities. Flexibility and core stability are the foundation to all exercise programs.

Tai Chi for Arthritis

Tai Chi is an ancient martial art form based on gentle steps and exercises that help connect the mind and body while stimulating mobility, breathing and relaxation. There are 12 movements involved in this program, each designed to relieve pain, reduce blood pressure, improve balance and provide several other health benefits. Arthritic and elderly patients often find this exercise program effective in improving their quality of life and reducing the risk of falls. Whether you are an elite athlete, or someone trying to prevent falls, Tai Chi can be individualized to your goals.

Arthritis Exercise Programs

Patients with arthritis often suffer from painful, stiff joints that can affect their quality of life. Fortunately, exercise can help keep joints healthy and relieve the symptoms of arthritis for many patients. Exercise can help increase energy levels, maintain joint mobility, strengthen surrounding muscles and make sure nutrients reach the cartilage around the affected joints. These qualities even go beyond the physical and can effectively relieve stress and promote relaxation and a greater sense of well-being. There are many different exercises used to improve flexibility and balance. Our professional staff will develop a personalized treatment plan for you based on your age, gender, medical history and overall health. These exercises include stretching, range-of-motion and resistance training and can be focused to individual muscle groups if desired.

Pre and Post Natal Fitness

Although there is a myth that pregnant woman are under “delicate conditions” while the pregnancy, research has shown that woman that maintain their exercise programs are less likely to have complications. By implementing an exercise program designed to fulfill each individuals needs, you can maintain and improve your activity level making the pregnancy experience a pleasant one. Maintaining your program provides the following benefits pre, during and post natal:

  • Less medical intervention during labor and delivery
  • Less time during both active and pushing stages
  • Less fat gain
  • Recover more rapidly to normal activities then sedentary pregnant women

Sports Enhancement, Training, and Conditioning

Many athletes come to us seeking treatment to improve their function and skill in their chosen sport. Physical therapy and personal sports training are a valuable form of treatment for athletes of all skill levels. It enhances performance in a healthy and safe way. All of our programs take into account your safety, and help to reduce the risk of injury while enhancing performance. Our specialists can develop a personalized treatment plan of strengthening and conditioning exercises based on your sport, position, injury history, age, training goals and more. Over time, these exercises will help to improve the qualities most desired by athletes in your chosen sport. Many of our patients feel better in their everyday lives with our effective programs.

Weight Loss and Nutritional Counseling

Physical activity manipulates the negative side of your energy balance. Where as diet reduces the amount of calories you take in, exercise increases the amount of energy you use. This further improves the negative value of the desired energy balance and can lead to both speedier weight loss and a more physically fit body contour. Your basal metabolic rate is the total amount of calories you burn per day without any physical or neurological activity. Exercise will inevitably increase the amount of fat-free mass within your body, directly increasing your basal metabolic rate.

  • Less medical intervention during labor and delivery
  • Less time during both active and pushing stages
  • Less fat gain
  • Recover more rapidly to normal activities then sedentary pregnant women

Yoga and Pilates Based Programs

Our Yoga and Pilates based programs are designed to help individuals relieve pain and feel better overall. Yoga and Pilates are forms of exercise that emphasizes the balanced development of the body through flexibility and body awareness. The two forms, either in combination of each other or on its own, consist of body and mind connection. When the connection is achieved, we are able to obtain an optimal workout through mindful movement. Yoga and Pilates based programs are designed to:

  • Create longer, leaner muscles
  • Improve strength and stability
  • Improve physique
  • Relax and clear the mind
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase balance and body awareness
  • Naturally lose weight
  • Improve posture
  • Prevent Injuries
  • Improve sports performance

Gym Membership

We are dedicated to the promotion of health and fitness. Because of this, we offer a gym membership in which you can continue or begin your exercise program under the supervision of our medical and fitness staff. We know gyms can be intimidating, time consuming and impersonal. At Corona-Temecula Orthopaedic Associates Wellness Center, we offer a personal, private gym to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

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