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Arthroscopy: Shoulder, Wrist and Knee

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that allows doctors to diagnose and sometimes treat joint injuries and disease through small incisions in the skin. It is often performed to confirm a diagnosis made after a physical examination and other imaging tests such as MRI, CT or X-rays.

During an arthroscopic procedure, a thin fiberoptic light, magnifying lens and tiny television camera are inserted into the problem area, allowing the doctor to examine the joint in great detail.

Because it is minimally invasive, arthroscopy offers many benefits to the patient over traditional surgery including no cutting of muscles or tendons, less scarring, faster recovery, and more comfortable rehabilitation.

Foot and Ankle

We specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of pathologies of the foot and ankle. This includes injuries, malformations, conditions and diseases in adults, children and seniors, as well as rehabilitation following trauma or surgery. The comprehensive range of conditions treated includes everything from ingrown toenails and bunions to sprains and fractures to diabetic foot care. In addition to expert treatment using the latest techniques and technologies available, we are dedicated to palliative and preventive foot care to ensure that our patients' feet remain healthy and strong throughout their lives.

Joint Replacement: Hip and Knee

Hip replacement surgery removes the damaged, painful parts of the hip and replaces them with a prosthesis made of metal and plastic. The artificial joint can relieve pain and improve mobility when your natural hip can no longer do its job. An artificial ball and metal stem replaces the worn head of the thigh bone and a metal cup and artificial liner replaces the worn socket of the pelvis. The prosthesis allows the hip joint to move smoothly, so patients can enjoy a greater range of pain-free movement.

In a total knee replacement, the damaged ends of the bones are removed and replaced with a prosthesis made of metal and plastic. A partial knee replacement for patients with damage on only one side of the joint can delay or prevent a total knee replacement. These artificial parts allow the joint to move smoothly so the patient experiences pain relief and a better quality of life. Knee replacement can also help restore motion to the joint, straighten the leg and improve stability.

Recent advances in surgical technology make it possible to perform minimally invasive joint replacements.

Pediatric Orthopaedics

There are a variety of orthopedic conditions that specifically impact children and teens, including congenital abnormalities, childhood diseases, broken bones, playground accidents, sports injuries, and aches and pains associated with the growth spurts of puberty. Orthopedists who specialize in pediatric medicine are trained to diagnose and treat problems in young patients, including:

  • Adolescent Anterior Knee Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Club Foot
  • Congenital Muscular Torticollis (Twisted Neck)
  • Developmental Hip Dislocation/Dysplasia (DDH)
  • Erb’s Palsy (Brachial Plexus Injury)
  • Flat Feet
  • Fractures & Growth Plate Fractures
  • Intoeing
  • Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Neurofibromatosis
  • Osgood-Schlatter Disease (Knee Pain)
  • Scoliosis
  • Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE)
  • Spondylolysis/Spondylolisthesis
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